My life's highlight reel.


Oxford Brookes University, BA Publishing Media, class of '17

Most Recent Internship

Penguin Random House Canada Young Readers

Literary Agent

Erica Bauman of Aevitas Creative


My Philosophy

When I was growing up, I spent a lot of time in my local library. My parents learned early on that it was way more cost-effective to let me check out 11 books and read them over a weekend than it would be to buy new books for me. I must have read my little library's entire YA section, but a few specific books gave me pause. In that whole library, over all those years, I didn't read a single lighthearted romance about two girls. I couldn't find anyone who thought and felt exactly the way I did. And I never wanted anyone to feel like that again. 

I believe everyone deserves to see themselves in a book, and that belief shapes my career. In my writing, I do my best to represent the girl nervously scanning the spines in her local library. In my career, I aim to assist, in any way I can, with the publication of books that enthusiastically and responsibly represent a variety of readers.